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Vocabulary and Grammar Activities

A humorous introduction to conjugating –er verbs in the present tense

Comparative, Aller, Finir, Near Future and Reflexive


Vocabulary and AOs
Turning down offers: Pauvre Damien Song Chanterelles
Turning down offers: Pauvre Damien Song Activity by Estelle Seaman
Ma Passion Secrète (say what your favorite thing is) - Song Chanterelles
Ma Passion Secrète (say what your favorite thing is) - Song Activity by Estelle Seaman
Ma Passion Secrète (say what your favorite thing is) - Song Activity by Estelle Seaman

Où est Charlie? - Prepositions

A presentation and a worksheet supporting a point of focus on prepositions or the revision of this point. This resource was made available in November 2011 from the TES website.

PPT: Prepositions - Où est Charlie?
Worksheet: Prepositions - Où est Charlie?

TBL: Les Cinq Sens

Manu Ménard (St Matthews Collegiate) is sharing an other task based worksheet.  Manu provides a two period lesson plan made up of task based activities introducing the Five Senses.   This theme serves as a base for students to get to grip with the concept of Articles before Noun (le/la/l'/les , du, de la, des). Manu has also included answers and a Teacher Help sheet so that you can familiarise yourself with "doing it the task way!"

TBL Task-Based Learning: Les 5 Senses et les Articles avant le Nom

BINGO! Conjugate Prendre, Apprendre and Comprendre.

Here is a fun way to tackle some basics!  Verna Morris (Dunstan College) has created these Bingo cards to help get to grip with the conjugations of "prendre" "apprendre" and "comprendre".This is a bingo game designed to help year 10 start to come to terms with some irregular verbs, in a way that is also challenging and fun. By having the student cards in English and the calling cards in French, it means the students get to hear the correctly pronounced verbs lots of times and hopefully pick up the correct forms and the correct pronunciation.  Verna laminates the whole lot, then cut up the French parts of the verbs onto individual little cards. These become the calling cards which she keeps in a separate little plastic bag.  As she calls them she lays them out on a desk. There is a set of 26 student cards, each one slightly different from the rest. Students use highlighters to cross off the ones they've heard. Once a student has called out "Bingo" Verna gets them to call back to her IN FRENCH  the squares they have crossed off. Just keep a few old ice-cream containers with squares of ripped-up old towels to use as cleaning rags after each game!

Bingo Cards - Prendre etc.

Grammar Lessons PPT

Julia Brown (Dilworth College) has put together these very useful presentations and she has kindly sent them on so that they can be used to introduce a range of grammar points relevant at this level.

PPT - Aller
PPT - Avoir
PPT - de + Contractions
PPT -er Verbs
PPT - Possessives
PPT - Disjunctives
PPT- Partitives
PPT - Comparisons

Possessive Adjectives: Ma Famille

Verna Morris (Dunstan College) has been thinking about how to adapt current resources to provide students with opportunities to develop the Key Competencies. She has taken a PPT on possessives originally prepared by Julia Brown (see above), and adapted it so as to give it an "authentic context" (family), and framed it in such a way as to encourage "participation and contribution," so that the students get involved in "communicating" in French and "thinking."

PPT- Possessive Adjectives & Family

Le corps - The PPT below introduces vocabulary for parts of the body as well as gender words.  The objective is, once familiar with the words, to participate in a "Jacques a dit" and a French version of "Head, and shoulders etc.".  Find out more resources on this theme at

Why not use the "Jacques a dit" idea to go over a range of vocab and formulaic expressions? Eg: Jacques a dit fermer les cahiers, Jacques a dit chercher un crayon bleu etc.

PPT - Le Corps

Imperative: Make an Origami Frog

Rachel McDonald (School South Otago High School) has put together a fantastic PPT to revise and reinforce the use of the Imperative.  The activity leads students to make an origami frog! Ensure you set aside a bit of preparation time (coloured card, scissors) before launching into this bright hands on activity!

PPT: Make an Origami Frog, the Imperative