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Feedback Forms - Interact and Portfolio

Verna Morris ( Dunstan High School) has been wanting to find an efficient and effective way to give acceptable feedback to pupils when they do their internals. She knows the feedback codes are great but they only deal with accuracy and can leave the students thinking that their work is nothing better than a mass of errors. So this year Verna has trialled these feedback forms which her students really like. They don’t take long to complete, and they give specific feedback about their work, and something to look back at and work from when they are ready to upgrade their internals ready for submission.

Access Verna's feedback forms for years 11, 12 and 13 here 

Image:  G. Forsythe,  with thanks.

Option Information Booklets

The sample documents below have been kindly contributed by Teachers of French in New Zealand.  These documents have been produced to incorporate wordings from the new New Zealand Curriculum.  Philippa Kruger (Saint Hilda's Collegiate School Dunedin) kick-starts this new collection of resources (August 2010) with her contributions.  Documents shared here are all work in progress and suggestions for amendments are welcome. Each can be adapted and re-used to suit the context within which you work. 

Options Information Booklet - P. Kruger SHCS
Options Information Flyer Level 1 - R. Penaluna Wanganui High School
Options Information Flyer Levels 2 & 3 Combined- R. Penaluna Wanganui High School

Programmes/Schemes/Units of Work

The Programmes/Schemes/Units of Work below have been shared by Teachers of French in New Zealand to provide colleagues with samples reflecting the new NZC requitements.  These documents can be used as templates and/or adapted to suit your needs.


Schemes of Work based on AIM Programme- P.Kruger St Hilda's Collegiate School
A year 9 Unit of Work for a laptop class - P. Kruger St Hilda's Collegiate School

Other Useful Documents

In this section Teachers of French in New Zealand have contibuted a range of various documents that you may find of use while working on any administrative tasks for your Department, should it be for ERO, BOT meetings, Principal meetings etc.

Languages Department Vision Values and Principles - P. Kruger St Hilda's Collegiate School