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The French School System: PPT and Comprehension Activity
Pair Work:Talking about Timetable

Christine's Day

This activity is based on the Sound File on the Education Scotland website, pointed out to us by Jacqueline Hill.  Estelle Seaman has created a question based on this passage, with a possible answer sheet (not graded) and a "Dictée à trous".  The sound file is Exercise 7 at this link

Christine's Day question, suggested answer and dictée à trous


Le Jeu de Miroir: ability at school subjects.

Ali Rennie (Te Puke High School) has kindly shared the activity below: a team activity acted out in pairs! Le Jeu de Miroir consists of one of the two acting out the sentences on the screen and the other guessing the French.  Ali has based this particular activity on practising how good you are at certain school subjects.

PPT - Le Jeu de Miroir

School Subjects

Patsy Hall (Hamilton High School for Girls) has produced two PPT on the topic of School.  The first one below introduces vocabulary and provides vocabulary aquisition  activities.  The second one introduces structures to say how good one is at any given subject.  (Both presentations include explanation notes that you can access by clicking "View" on the menu then by clicking the "Notes page" button).

PPT: School Subjects and Vocabulary Practice
PPT: Say how good you are at a school subject