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Many of these resources are created by teachers in New Zealand. They have been catalogued by Curriculum Level and Suggested Topic, as requested by the Teachers who answered  the online survey conducted prior to the set up of this website. 

For each category (levels1 and 2, levels 3 and 4, levels 5 and 6 and levels 7 and 8), you will find the following information on the main page of the chosen category:

- Proficiency Statement
- AOs with Examples
- Links to Resources related to these AOs
- An example of a possible course outline to give your students.

Curriculum References

The content of the learning area is specified in terms of a general proficiency statement for each progressive pair of levels, together with achievement objectives for the core strand and the two supporting strands. The achievement objectives in the Communication strand provide the basis for assessment. The two supporting strands are only assessed indirectly through their contribution to the Communication strand. From New Zealand Curriculum (2007), page 24.  Click on this link to read the Learning Area Statement

The current French in the New Zealand curriculum and A/Os are replaced by the generic learning area statement and generic A/Os for languages from 2010.  Sitting under the generic A/Os for Languages, there are language specific guidelines. The generic A/Os for Languages are described in the following document:

 Learning Area Curriculum Achievements Objectives

Achievement Standards and Version Numbers 2015

 Kindly shared by Lesley Taylor, John McGlashan College

AS and Version Numbers 2015

The 70 most important words in French

Manu Ménard's adaptation of the 70 words which constitute 50% of all French texts,

The 70 most important words in French

The Generic Framework for Teaching and Learning Languages in English-medium Schools is the common point of reference amongst teachers.

Wall Chart Version 4

Should you wish to contribute a resource which contains a student's response, please print

the student's permission slip

below and keep it with your records.

Student's Work Publication Permission Slip