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Level 2 Interact topic selection

Shared with us by Verna Morris, Dunstan High School, this document contains a selection of topics suitable for interaction. Ideal for teachers of combined Year 12/13 classes, these ideas can be used in conjunction with a Level 3 version - same topics, different focus.  For your convenience both documents can be downloaded below.  Thanks for this useful document, Verna.

Level 2 Interact topic selection
Level 3 Interact topic selection


Level 2 Choice Board for Independent Study

Lydia Mills from Geraldine High School has shared a Year 12 Choiceboard.

She explains:
I teach a combined level 1 & 2 class, and I am going to need a fair bit of individual time with each group in the lead up to exams. I have just created this choice board for Level Two to guide independent study while I work with the Year 11s. Most have their own device and I have a few computers they can use also, it wouldn't work without internet access though.


Level 2 Choice Board PDF file
Level 2 Choice Board Publisher file



 New Zealand Curriculum

  Levels 7 and 8 Documents 


CONTEXT ELABORATION and CURRICULUM GUIDE: specific detail for teachers to plan and implement quality teaching and learning programmes to support the New Zealand curriculum.

Learning Languages Achievement Objectives for Levels 7 and 8.

Levels 7 and 8 AOs related Resources 

Editions Didier - Exercices autocorrectifs

The Editions Didier have published a plethora of online activities, based on 4 main contexts: the World around Us, Well Being, Communication and Society.  Those contexts form the 4 parts of their Accord textbook.  Each context is subdivided in 3 or 4 topics which are relevant to the L7 and 8 suggested topics of the NZC.  The online activities can be used independently from the textbook and include vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing resources.

Le Professeur de Français

Radu Iliescu, a teacher of French in Romania, has compiled excellent webpages to facilitate the learning of French. Go to Le professeur de français to find the "Fiches de Communication" he has loaded.  They are very useful for all AO from level 6 of the Curriculum and up. There is plenty there you may wish to explore (Conjugaisons, grammar, civilisation etc)

Example of "Fiche de Communication" 7.3 "express and respond to approval and disapproval, agreement and disagreement: Comment exprimer l'accord/le désaccord.

Reading Activities

Margaret Ubels (St Peter's Auckland) shares a collection of texts she has put together as practice reading activities. Margaret informs us that "they do not come with a marking schedule but feel free to use as you wish and assign grades". Margaret receives the feeds from 1jour1actu - Les clés de l'actualité junior, from which she put together these reading activities - and adds even "her lower level year 12s seem to find it approachable although sometimes need glossary or dictionary help. - and they like them because they are authentic and up to date. "

Image: 'Open book' with thanks.

Text - Halte au Dopage
Questions - Halte au Dopage
Text - Pourquoi ne peut t on pas tout télécharger?
Questions - Pourquoi ne peut t on pas tout télécharger?
Text - La sécheresse
Questions - La sécheresse
Text - Ça sert à quoi la philo?
Questions - Ça sert à quoi la philo?

Aiming for Personal Independence in French

In this text in French, adapted by Pascale Hyboud-Peron ( Administrator), based on the extraordinary life of a "more than" famous New Zealander, Sir Edmund Hilary, you can invite your students to identify the Level 8 Achievement Objectives they should be able to have acquired at that level.  The text can be used also as a reading comprehension, language analysis exercise or anything you deem useful to benefit your classes!

Sir Edmund Hillary
Snakes and Ladders: Conversation
Exercice d' Imagination
Acitivities to Practice Developing Arguments
Boardgame: communicating about self
Discussing Gossips!
Giving Opinion upon Reading a Press Article
Le Petit Murphy TV3: Fill in the Gaps
Le Petit Murphy TV3: Team Activity
Le Petit Murphy TV3: Station Tasks
Organising Historic Facts Chronologically
Oral Work: Reporting Facts
Giving Advice: Scenarios
Future Plans: Truth or Lies?
Travel Guide
Pair work: Understanding Facts

Level 7 Prescribed Vocabulary organised alphabetically in Suggested Topic.

Updated March 2012, thanks to Hilary CLARK (John Paul College)

Personal Relationships, Family, Friends/ Health & Wellbeing
My Future/Latest Trends
Traditional Stories/Leisure

Level 8 Prescribed Vocabulary organised alphabetically in Suggested Topic

Environmental Issues, Social Cohesion
A Region of France, Getting a Job
Creative Arts, Our Changing World

You might want to use the following course outline to give your students an overview of what they are about to learn in this subject this year.

All you need to do is insert your school course code (eg: 10FRE) instead of the level

Course Outline Level 7
Course Outline Level 8