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Kit Rentrée 2015

Essential links and resources to help beginning Teachers of French (and anybody else!) with planning for 2015. #

 Curriculum Stuff:

2015 Updates:

Achievement Standards - new versions (choose your level) ~ 2015

Resources for all levels

Clarifications for all levels



Learning Languages in the NZC

Learning Languages: Curriculum Guide for Junior French and Support Materials

Senior Secondary Languages Guide

Learning Languages Poster (to download and print)

French and the NZC: a visual summary to print

Learning Languages: Pedagogy

Ellis Principles and iCLT Principles

Pedagogy and Research

Find more still at

 NCEA Stuff:

►French Subject Resources (NZQA Page)
►Scroll down the page for Vocabulary Lists for Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3

  • Level 1 Achievement Standards and Assessment Specification (inc. 2012) 
  • Level 2 Achievement Standards and Assessment Specification (inc. 2012)
  • Level 3 Achievement Standards and Assessment Specification (inc. 2012)

Past Externals (Inc. Sample Exemplars and annotated samples of Students Responses):

Internals: the Conditions of Assessment are available on the right hand side of the Sample Resource page at each level.

  • Level 3
    Level 3 Assessment SAMPLE Resources

    .2 Realistic expectations for a presentation may be about:
    Level 1 – 1 minute
    Level 2 – 2 minutes
    Level 3 – 3 minutes

    .3 Possible interaction length which will provide sufficient language on which to base a grade could be about:
    Level One -3 minutes
    Level Two - 4 minutes
    Level Three – 4 minutes (reference)

    .5 Suggested word count that would enable students to meet the criteria are:
    Level 1 – at least 300 words
    Level 2 – at least 400 words
    Level 3 – at least 500words

Pedagogy for e-portfolios (thank you to Gunhild Litwin, Regional Adviser Massey till 2011): how to manage collecting evidence of your students’ learning for assessment purposes.

Networking Stuff:

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Contact Glenda Palmer the French National Adviser and just say hi!

Join Le Zinc on Facebook to exchange tips, pictures and reading

Find out who the other teachers of French are in neighbouring schools and collaborate, exchange ideas, resources and tips!


Teaching as Inquiry

Curriculum Support Days Unit
s (PPTA 2010)

Volume 37 (Nov. 2011) of New Zealand Language Teachers (published by the NZALT)

 Techie Stuff:

  • Digital Portfolio: Guidelines for Beginners (MoE, Jan.2011), with 11 NZ schools sharing their portfolio journeys and FAQ.
  • myPortfolio (ePortfolio) helpsheets:

- Getting Started
- Managing Video and Sound Files
- Help Videos

  • Collecting samples of spoken evidence: cool ideas and you can add to the list.
  • Read about Collaboration and Sharing with Google docs and Google apps .
  • Publishing tools : a list of tools and tips to enhance your teaching and their learning.

Anything need adding or removing? Email pascale.hyboudperon[at] with your suggestions!

Compiled by Pascale Hyboud-Peron, NZAFT Vice President, Listserve Contact and administrator (Jan. 2013)
#- Thank you Claire Amos Auckland Secondary English Facilitator for the inspiration