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Describing Familiar People

Describing a Monster using Simple Adjectives

Describing people and their personalities

Estelle Seaman, Rangitoto College, has shared her set of 32 dominoes for Studio 1, Module 1, Units 3 and 4.  Distribute to the students and set the challenge of going through the set without an error.



Dominoes for describing people

Les Célébrités à Décrire.

Describing people is one thing, but describing Famous People is an other!  Florence Lyons (Matamata College) knows what makes her students tick: she is sharing a picture PPT to show students, a printable worksheet and the answers.  An effective way to go beyond describing height, hair and eyes colour.  And your students may follow the pattern to describe their own favorites!

PPT - Les Personalités à Décrire
Les Personalités à Décrire: Worksheet and Answers

Il/Elle est comment?

A clever PPT presentation to introduce describing words for characters and personalities!  Florence Lyons (Matamata College) has used a wide range of popular cartoon characters and funny pictures to illustrate a wide range of adjectives, both in the masculine and the feminine, re-using the simple 'il est..." "elle est..." structures.  This PPT includes speaking, reading and writing activities.

PPT - Il/elle est comment?