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Bataille navale

Charlotte Clech has shared this Battleships game - combining clothes and colour adjectives.  A laminated copy required for each student but they are reusable.  Thanks Charlotte.

Bataille navale - le jeu


Clothes FlashCards

Florence Lyons (Matamata College) shares her collection of flashcards for Clothes, masculine nouns, feminine nouns and accessories.

Image: 'Pink' with thanks

Clothes -Feminine
Clothes - Masculine
Clothes - Accessories

Colours and Clothes - agreements

Julia Brown (Dilworth College) has shared the PPT presentation below she uses in class to introduce and practise vocabulary on clothes with her students. Julia also introduces adjective agreements. A great start to present content or a revision activity, up to you!

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PPT - Colours and Clothes by J. Brown
The resources immediately below were initially shared on the original
Clothes with "La Valise" Poem
Battleship: Clothes and "porter" practice
Clothes, Prices and Availability
Fashion Show
PPT Vocab: name the clothes and win the lolly!
Dressing Up Cut Out Dolls: a Lesson Plan

Angelika Niall (Massey High) recommends a nice little interactive website called ►'Habille Caillou". Students have to dress "le caillou" according to the weather behind him outside. The little guy is very vocal whether you dress him appropriately or not!  A neat practice for clothes and quite entertaining.  (Shockwave Player required, download from site)

Clothes Vocabulary
Clothes Shopping
Colours and Clothes

TeacherTube Video: an entertaining “Friends’ style” skit on Shopping for Clothes! Easy to follow with basic vocabulary and really funny acting.  Use it as an introduction to new words or to round up the lesson! 

Languages Online : Clothes, Definite and Indefinite articles, online and printable resources.

Les Vétements

Florence Lyons (Matamata College) and Frédéric Dichtel (Aquinas College) have co-designed this comprehensive PPT presentation on clothes: vocabulary, gender, adjectives and their agreements are introduced through reading, listening and writing activities.  All in one gem!

Les Vétements: multi skill PPT

Shopping for Clothes

In the following  PPT presentation, Julia Brown (Dilworth School) introduces vocabulary for clothes, in categories (for males, females, footwear etc), as well as some basic phrases in use while shopping for clothes.

PPT Shopping for Clothes