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Cafe and Fast Food

Buying Cafe Food
Battleship: Ordering Food

Boardgame: Café & Restaurant

Florence Lyons (Matamata College) has put together the boardgame below. Students follow the arrows and move their marker according to the dice roll. Upon landing on the case, they either ask a question or respond it. Florence has also included an "Answer" boardgame so that students can play independently, as well as markers with a French theme to print on card. Thank you Florence for sharing.

Image: 'cherry baby' with thanks.

Restaurant Boardgame
Restaurant Boardgame Answers
French Themed Boargame Markers

Au Café

► Cafe and Fast Food
Drinks, Snacks and Money

In the PPT presentation below, Julia Brown (Dilworth School) not only introduces vocabulary for food and drinks items commonly found in French cafes, but also illustrate structures such as how to ask for something and the negative.  Julia provides activities to practice the conjugation of "vouloir", "prendre", "boire" as well as a range of reading tasks such as "find the French" and "translate".  A comprehensive resource.

PPT Au Café