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Birthdays and Special Occasions

The resources immediately below were initially shared on the original
Days of the Week
Days of the Week: Song
Months of the Year
Cards Game: Birthday Dates
Easter Chant and Clap
Days Months and Dates
Make a French Calendar
Special Dates

Dates, days, months

Julia Brown (Dilworth College) has shared the PPT presentation below she uses in class to introduce and practise vocabulary with her students. A great start to present content or a revision activity, up to you!
Picture by Nic McPHee


PPT - Dates by J. Brown

Differentiated Learning: a suggested Unit of Work.

Taryn Wilson (Tauranga Girls' College) has devised and shared the Unit of Work below which she has based on the Unit 4 of Tapis Volant 1. Taryn trialled this unit for Te Kotahitanga.  The context of the unit was for the students to gain self-management credits towards their term work.  Taryn wishes to add a "word of warning" to this unit: "It is by no means perfect, and my first attempt to integrate concepts and values from Ka Hikitia within my teaching.  The main difficulty with it has been its time management.  Yet students got involved, created a range of quality products, and achieved the credits".  An encouraging effort to emulate.

Differentiated Learning Unit Plan: Numbers, Days of the Week, Seasons


Special Occasions

Deborah Williams (Language Learners of Christchurch) has adapted and provided this lovely "Comptine" to celebrate fathers on Fathers' Day.  Deborah got her inspiration from Tête à Modeler, a website in French dedicated to provide parents with activities they can do with their toddlers, children and teenagers.  Excellent resources bank for the young learners of French!

Comptine pour la Fête des Pères