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Around the Town

Plan du Métro de Paris (online map)

Paris Underground

A National Geographic file about the Paris Catacombs, sewers, their history, complete with photo gallery, the full story and an interactive map. (Thank you FreeTech4Teachers) - a fantastic opportunity to bring in an historic and intercultural angle to your classroom!

La Journée d'un Espion

Guillaume Charton (Wakatipu High School) is sharing an idea:  using maps, places in town and routines! Guillaume put it together for his students in Queenstown but your students can adapt it to wherever they are or wish to be. Planning a trip to France? Why not take a map of the town you are going to?

With thanks, image:'Spying?'

La journée d'un espion


En Ville

Monica Graham (Taieri College) has put together an information gap activity to be done in pairs, orally, to locate places in town. One student has the places on the map which the other one needs. Each student must ask the other for directions to the places on their list, then follow their partner's instructions to locate the correct building on their map.

Pair activity - Le Plan d'une Ville

Places in Town and Asking the Way

Julia Brown (Dilworth College) has shared the PPT presentation below she uses in class to introduce and practise vocabulary and phrases with her students. A great start to present content or a revision activity, up to you!
Picture by bcinfrance via WikimediaCommon


PPT - Asking the Way in Town by J. Brown
The resources immediately below were initially shared on the original
Places in Town: Flascards and Vocab
Dominos: Where Things are in Town
Oral Work: Give and Understand Directions - Imperative
Pair Work: Qui and Comment and Means of Transport
Town Buildings and Saying Where they are

Vocabulaire en Vidéo!

Florence Lyons (Matamata College) has put essential vocabulary onto short videos! Florence shares the link to the first two of her collections, for you to use in class or pass on to your students. 

 - Dans ma ville  - Les directions


Balade à Paris en Métro!

This activity has been downloaded from

the TES website

It consists of locating key places in Paris using a Métro map. Students are given a genuine map of the subway lines of Paris (download and print the first document). Initially they have to learn how to read the map (oral practice of directions in French, but also it is worth spending sometime on how to read the Métro map itself).  Students have to find different places on it (train stations, airports, Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe, Stade de France, Le Louvre, Versailles…) as indicated in the PPT. The PPT features the answers (skip this part until the end), the clues and some descriptions in French of the places. Students can then look up an other famous place in Paris, describe it in a few lines, and ask others to locate it on the map.

Le Plan du Métro
PPT - Le Plan du Métro + answers and descriptions

Around the Town

Places in Town 
Transport Activities
Travelling by Car

Languages Online Modes of Transport Online and Printable resources

Les Moyens de Transport: Getting around Town & Country... in French!

This presentation, produced and shared by Julia Brown (Dillworth School), is the perfect tool to introduce vocabulary related to means of transport as well as the use of "en".

PPT - Getting around by J. Brown

En Ville

Introducing vocabulary for places in town is easy with Verna Morris (Dunstan College) PPT presentations.  Verna has created and shared two PPT to use with your class.  The vocabulary is colour coded by gender and both presentations provide opportunities to check on vocabulary acquisition orally and in writing (eg: repetition, find the missing letters, find the English etc.)

En Ville (1)
En Ville (2)