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The Alphabet


Anna Kelly (Tawa College) shares the Alphabet Bingo she uses with her students: just print, laminate, cut and go!

Anna's Alphabet Bingo
Alphabet-Introduction PPT
The Alphabet: Poster and Lesson Plan
The Alphabet
Alphabet Song

Nombres Numbers

Tous les Nombres (and say where you live) - Song Chanterelles
Tous les Nombres (and say where you live) - Song activity by Estelle Seaman
Dominos Class Activity
Dominos: 1-50
Dominos: 51-99
Phone Numbers
Dominos 13 to 21
Dominos 51 to 100



Colours- Introduction PPT
Colours-Online Quiz
Shapes and Colours
Shapes and Colours: Vocabulary
Les Couleurs: Song by Etienne
Les Couleurs PPT: Lyrics to Song by Etienne
Les Couleurs Worksheet: Lyrics to Song by Etienne
Couleurs: match

Monique Anderson (Long Bay College) has created a powerpoint with the lyrics of the Etienne "Les Couleurs" song.  (The 3 documents you need are listed above under the titles Les couleurs- Song, PPT and Worksheet.) Monique uses the PPT as a comprehension aid while the students listen along. The worksheet is a student handout in the form of a cloze exercise that you can give students to fill in as they listen. 

Colours: Listen and Match
Colours: Hangman
Colours: Varied Activities