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A Region of France


La Bretagne, a multimedia course elaborated by Pr. M Overmann.

Marseille: Sentences for Description
Marseille: Worksheet
Regional Words and Slang on Food, Drinks and Clothes
PPT in French: le Village d' Eze
PPT in French: le Finistère, en Bretagne

Ça bouge en...!

TV5 and Partners are organising a "Concours" centered around a photo representing

a Region of France

In the occasion of this competition, Franc-Parler have published a task to support students wishing to enter the competition. You can download the task below, and use it even if your students do not actually enter. The task invites students to work as a group to look up information on relevant sites, to present and organise opinions and to give short oral presentations. This task could be well suited to the use of Voicethread if you wanted to use a web tool.

Picture from Janek Kloss, with thanks.

Une Région en France - Franc Parler Fiche Pédagogique

Ça Bouge en France - Regions of France,TV5

TV5 Monde has recently added a new section to its Enseigner-TV.
If you want to inspire your students to travel to France, here is a good way to discover some of the best spots in the "Hexagone"!
Ça bouge en France is collection of short films for students at level 7 and up of the NZC
So far, the Alsace and the Limousin are featured with general information, photos and video clips.
To assist learners in their discovery, study plans have been provided for different levels. They include "fiches pédagogiques" for both the teachers and learners, and are fully downloadable.

Connaissez-vous la France?

Before embarking in the visit of one particular region, the PPT below presents 25 different places in France, as a quiz. If you get it wrong you can go back to take a different guess and upon getting it right you will be rewarded with some concise information in French about the featured town or region.  This can be a good starting point to have a look at the diversity of France.  Students could also map the journey on a paper or a Google map, depending on resources available.

PPT - Connaissez-vous la France?

Le Morbihan

Le Morbihan

is a "département" of France located in a region called Bretagne, in the North West of France.
The PPT is a great visual introduction to the area. Complete with maps, pictures of the places of interest, captions and traditional music, this presentation will help students get a feel for the place. It can be a starting point for a more indepth reearch on the area or an example of presentation to get inspiration from should students embark on working on presenting an area of interest themselves.

Le Morbihan en Bretagne

La Champagne-Ardennes

Franco-Brazilian Aquinas College student Gael Moraes has produced a photostory aimed at promoting the Ardennes region, where his grandmother is from. In this resource, the student has used a lot of persuasive language, so as to achieve AO 8.3 . Frédéric DICHTEL (Aquinas College) found the resource particularly valuable and engaging as it comes from the heart! Find below the video and its script.

La Champagne-Ardennes: Photostory
La Champagne-Ardennes: Video Script